Monday, 14 January 2013

Interested In Developing A Photographic Memory? I've Got The Guide For You!

Well I was just browsing some websites and articles, and suddenly I found this really interesting article on how to develop a photographic memory! Apparently this is a real working guide as well, as this technique has been used in military's across the world for the past 70 years, so get to work people.

So, what am I going to need?

  • A dark room
  • A bright lamp
  • A sheet of paper with a rectangular hole cut the size of a paragraph for the text you want to "photograph".
It's as easy as that! Now for the actual technique.

  1. If you do this for 15 minutes a day for a month, then you should find yourself quickly starting to develop this photographic memory. And just remember, it can take up to 5 minutes for your eyes to adjust within the first month.
  2. Find an empty/quiet room that has a bright lamp or ceiling light. (For example, you can use the bathroom).
  3. Sit/stand next to the light switch with your piece of paper (the one with the rectangular hole in it) over the stuff you want to remember.
  4. Hold the paper/book so you can easily see it with the paper covering everything but the paragraph you want to remember. The close your eyes and open them up again, if the writing is at a safe distance, your eyes won't have to adjust to focus on the writing, this is perfect.
  5. Turn off the light and you will see an 'after glow' because this shows your eyes are adjusting to the dark surroundings. Then just flick the light switch on and back off again in a split second.
  6. If you have done this right so far, then you will see an imprint, in the darkness, of the information you wanted to remember. You aren't actually seeing the material in the dark, rather your brain has remembered a virtual 'imprint' of the information and this is the idea behind remembering the material.
  7. As the imprint starts to fade, repeat the process, flicking the light switch and staring at the paragraph.
  8. Keep doing this until you can read the paragraph word for word, and that means you will be able to see it in your mind. This usually happens once the imprint stays in front of you for so long that you can read it word for word, and this is when you have remembered it completely in your brain.

Remember, don't get worried or say it isn't working if it doesn't work the first few times, like most methods, it takes time to work and as I have mentioned above, it has been used in military's for over 70 years with admirable effects. This technique will help you to do this in the daylight, at any time, with any piece of material after lots of practice, so don't worry, you won't spend your life in dark bathrooms reading certain paragraphs in your head over and over again, if you do, you may require a psychologist :).



  1. well this was a year ago so i'm not hoping for an answer but who knows!
    is it ok if i see the imprint in hazy? i cant see the words clearly! i see like all the 40 words but i cant see them good enough to read
    this is my third day each day 15 minutes and still cant

    1. hey it's being a while since your comments,so do you have it now( photographic memory)

    2. Did you have success with it because i am trying this now for 22 days and do not have a lot.

  2. hi, are you suppose to read it or just stare at it when you are flipping the lights on and off

  3. do i need to do this with the same paragraph everytime

  4. Do i change the paragraph each time I do it, or leave it the same

  5. I have actually tried this and i dont have great progress with it. Could you please give me some recommendations on how to approach it. Some flashes are very clear and sometimes the letters are blurry and in two weeks this overall did not change. I even switched to a document with big letters (36) but there is still no progress measurable.
    I am thankful for every answer.

  6. Hi, try it with shapes... first. A rectangle, circle, pentagon, hexagon..
    once you feel comfortable with it.. slightly increase the complexity of images.. like... picture of a ball with black background, a plate, a table, a laptop...
    likewise practice for a month then.. you try with simple cartoon faces with black background... so on for next month.. then you do it single alphabets... then with single words... then with single sentence... then with double sentence...
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